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Brian & team, BOOST has become one of my top favorite resources for creatives. I am honestly surprised (and pleased) that it is free. The encouragement, prayers, suggestions, prompts and more are like water in a desert. What I am struggling with and would love additional conversation around is the element of making money through ministry / gospel oriented art or content. I'd love to know how you, in a godly way, create business & financial growth with ministry-style content (without it becoming sleazy or using the name of God for profit). Also, how do you bring up matters of faith in your content naturally, without it seeming like an afterthought or an "oh, I should add a verse here or talk about theology." Would love your insights. And please know I am so grateful for what you do and thank God for you!

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Wow! Thank you so much for taking time to share your thoughts. <3 Your feedback really means a lot to us! You can be confident that BOOST will stay forever FREE for as long as we have the capacity to create & publish :) I love the topic ideas that you presented here and I really think these are conversations our community need right now. We'll make sure to create content that addresses these thoughts as soon as we possibly can.

For now, I'll leave you with this thought: a lot of what you said, are questions in our minds as well. That's to say, we have not perfected an answer for these questions, and it's more like we're on the same river, only we are ahead by a few paddles and are willing to share what we have discovered and learned along the way. Business and ministry-related content is a hard mix, but we believe there's a sweet spot to it ;)

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I look forward to your insights! Thank you! And thank you again for your faithfulness to God and for creating this wonderful supportive resource!

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