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I feel like a broken record, but you are such a blessing! You are so generous with your art and wisdom and connection via community. Thank you for all you do!

I'm praying for you and your team and very excited to hear about your book. I need to read it! As far as specific things to cover, something I'm constantly trying to evaluate is how to naturally and organically incorporate my faith in my art without it seeming like an afterthought or obligation (or preachy). The Lord has saved me so graciously and I WANT to share the gospel and glorify Him with my art but I struggle knowing what this involves that is not just posting a preachy message and slapping something creative on it, or making something creative and slapping a sermon or verse on it.

I also am hoping to make some income from my creativity. I really resonated with what you shared about only taking projects that align with your beliefs. In the past, I had a fairly thriving business as a web designer but after the Lord delivered me I could no longer cater to the clientele I had formerly. (And then I had a baby and squarespace changed their platform so much that I feel like I'm starting from scratch, so I'm no longer doing web design.) At any rate, how do we intertwine faith / our art / money in a godly way? The creative community is full of messages of "manifesting" and law of attraction, while the Bible tells us we cannot serve two masters. So in a personal way, I'm trying to figure out how to combine creativity / ministry / entrepreneurship and I haven't figured out how. Apostle Paul was a tentmaker, and Lydia was a seller of purple, and the virtuous woman in Prov. 31 was quite an accomplished entrepreneur, so I know it can be done! May God give us wisdom in showing how that looks for each of us. Would love to see this addressed in your book!

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